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Where Thermomix Magic Meets Culinary Excellence

Hi there!

My name is

Fabrizio Botta

I am a London based
Thermomix Advisor
& Team Leader

Reasons to own a Thermomix

Built in wifi

Bluetooth connectivity

Integrated digital scales

A+ for nutrition

Cooking from scratch


Over 20 functions & modes

Step-by-Step guided cooking

Over 80,000 recipes world-wide

Ongoing support

24-month warranty

Getting creative

Experience the magic of Thermomix

Do you want to earn a free Thermomix?

Latest Offers

Offer 1

Buy a standalone White or Black TM6 and receive FREE Extended Warranty + 0% Finance up to 36 months.
So, should your Thermomix need repairing, all costs will be covered for 5 years!

Please note:  This offer ENDS on 30th June, whilst stocks last.

Here is a breakdown to help you choose how many months you’d like to spread the cost into:

  • 12 months 0% Finance – £106.58pm for 12 months
  • 24 months 0% Finance – £53.29pm for 24 months
  • 36 months 0% Finance – £35.52pm for 36 months
  • 48 months 14.9% APR – £34.93pm for 48 months

Divided Payment is also available to UK residents and it works out like this:

  • £250 deposit followed by
  • 3 x £343 monthly instalments
Pay nothing: Earn a Thermomix for FREE by joining my team
One Paymentjust ask me for a pay by link email to make one single payment using your debit or credit card

Whichever option suits you best, all you have to do is get in touch with me, so that I can get things started for you.

Offer 2

Buy a white TM6 and receive 50% OFF a TM6 Noir. Yes, The TM6 Noir is back and it’s back with a massive £639.50 discount! This is the time to really find your perfect match and team up with a friend or a family member to enjoy these massive savings. You’ll get 25% discount each and basically pay just £959 instead of £1,279 for your TM6! This is the first time ever we offer a discount on the TM6.

    Even without looking for someone to team up with, there are several reasons why you should consider 2 Thermomixs:

    • 2 TM6’s are certainly better than one!
    • Children going to University
    • Son or daughter is getting married
    • Second home/caravan
    • Best friend’s special birthday/wedding
    • Buy now and save on a special Christmas present
    • Buy one for home and one for your office/restaurant/business

    Please note: This offer ENDS on 30th June, whilst stocks last; one payment only (no financing nor divided payment is available).

    Discover our “Always On Bundle”.  

    The bundle features the TM6 and an extra bowl at £1,439 (with £9 discount on the extra bowl) and 0% finance.

    There are several reasons why you’d want to have a second bowl:

    -Cater for dietary requirements and religious needs
    -Success guaranteed recipes such as whipped cream and meringues
    -Keep your hot food hot while you are making a dessert (eliminating the need to empty, wash the bowl and start all over again)
    -Designate one bowl to sweet and one to savoury use (a curry bowl comes very handy)

    You’ll save over £100 by not paying interest, and you can spread the total in just 12 affordable £119.91 monthly payments.
    What’s more, the 0% finance applies to all purchases over the minimum £1,439, therefore you could add any combination of accessories that can help  you reach the minimum spending to qualify. If you would like to take advantage of the Always on Bundle please let me know, and I will be happy to help.