4 Reasons to have a second bowl

With Christmas fast approaching and the imminent Thermomix price increase taking place on 2nd January, there is an opportunity for you to save money and pay in just 12 months with no interest whatsoever,  while treating yourself and loved ones to the best gift ever: the Thermomix TM6.

Discover the “Always on Bundle”:

This bundle features the TM6 and an extra bowl at £1,439 (with £9 discount on the extra bowl) and 0% finance.

There are several reasons why you’d want to have a second bowl:

-Cater for dietary requirements and religious needs
-Success guaranteed recipes such as whipped cream and meringues
-Keep your hot food hot while you are making a dessert (eliminating the need to empty, wash the bowl and start all over again)
-Designate one bowl to sweet and one to savoury use (a curry bowl comes very handy)

You’ll save over £100 by not paying interest, and you can spread the total in 12 affordable £119.91 monthly payments.
What’s more, the 0% finance applies to all purchases over the minimum £1,439, therefore you could add the Sensor, the Extended warranty or any combination of accessories that helps you reach the minimum spending to qualify.
Needless to say that the standalone Thermomix is available at £1,279, which can be paid in one go or at the standard 14.9% APR.

If you would like to take advantage of the Always on Bundle please let me know, so that I can help you make your dreams come true this Christmas!