What is a Thermomix®?

If you had asked me this very question 10 years ago, the answer would have been that the Thermomix is the revolutionary kitchen appliance that combines several functions such as: mixing, blending, milling, grating, kneading, cooking, steaming and ice cream making, just to mention a few. Since the launch of the TM5 in 2014, the answer to the same question is that the Thermomix is the world’s smallest smartest kitchen, designed to make cooking quick, easy and fun while delivering professional results and huge savings in time, money and energy in each household.

This is because, since the introduction of a touchscreen, guided cooking mode, wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity, and the subsequent addition of brand new modes (such as sous-vide, slow cook, fermentation, rice cooker and egg boiler) and attachments such as the Cutter and the Sensor, the Thermomix has set itself apart from any other so called “all in one” appliances, to become the world’s smallest smartest kitchen. In fact, the current model, the Thermomix TM6, has been classed as one of the best innovations of 2020 and  “the sous chef you have been waiting for” by the Good Housekeeping, which also rated it 10/10 in a September 2023.

Manufactured by German company Vorwerk  (est. 1883) and regularly featured on prestigious UK cookery programmes such as Masterchef and The Saturday Kitchen, the Thermomix, first launched in 1971 as VM 2000, was manufactured mainly, if not exclusively, for domestic use. It was Vorwerk France’s managing director that came up with the idea of adding the heating element to the Vorwerk’s 1961 first mixer, the VKM5, in order to create an appliance able to blend and cook at the same time, and make soups and baby food. Therefore, the Thermomix combines French design and German technology to deliver nothing but the very best to millions of households worldwide. The creation of the hybrid word “Thermomix” derives from the Greek thermo (heating) and the English mix (mixer).

In 2021 we celebrated 50 years of Thermomix, and in 2023 the 140th anniversary of Vorwerk. In 2022 I had the honour and privilege to visit Vorwerk’s HQ and factory in Wuppertal, Germany. Seeing first hand so many Thermomixes built daily, following extensive testing and years of research, will always be a memorable experience for me.