Where it all began

I pride myself to be one of the very few UK Advisors to have used the Thermomix for over 30 years. My Thermomix journey began in 1992 in Italy, where I was born.

One day my mum, who is still an excellent cook, came back from a friend’s house announcing that she had just seen a demonstration and bought a kitchen robot that was able to knead bread and pizza dough, make delicious soups, custard, cakes, sauces and much more in just a few minutes with the least minimum effort and no mess in the kitchen.

Needless to say that we were all intrigued by this magic appliance (the TM3300) that could help my mum make all our favourite dishes. I was the most keen to try it out straight away and I could not wait to give it a go. Although I started cooking at the age of 10, baking cakes was never my thing. I always thought they were too complicated to make and I was just happy to eat them. So, when I found out that I could use the Thermomix to also make cakes, I decided that the first thing to make with our Bimby (this is the trademark of the Thermomix in Italy and Portugal) should be a cake. And before I knew it, our kitchen was filled with the most beautiful smell of my very first cake: a marble cake. Such a simple and yet delicious recipe proved that I could indeed make cakes and that I was actually rather good at it…

That was the very beginning of my 30 year “love story” with the Thermomix. And that relationship has been getting stronger and stronger day after day and year after year.

After permanently moving to London in 1996, I started looking to buy a “Bimby”, but with no luck, as the Thermomix had not made it to the UK yet.

Luckily, as an important birthday of mine was soon approaching, when asked by my parents what would make me happy, the answer was of course: a Bimby! Obviously, it took some time and effort, but I was eventually able to bring my own TM31 from Italy to the UK. Needless to say, I was eventually a very happy boy!

Fast forward to 2016, my desire to upgrade to the then Thermomix TM5, together with a search for a new activity to run alongside my full time job in the travel industry, made me look for jobs opportunities on the Vorwerk’s website and look for an Advisor to find out more. I soon booked a demonstration and a business opportunity meeting with her and signed up the same day to become an Advisor myself and earn my TM5.

I didn’t know if and how long I’d stay in the business, but so many years later I’m proud to still be an Advisor. Since 2016, I have met so many new people and made so many new friends, with both customers and colleagues, I have established and constantly grown my business, I have earned a TM5, a TM6, a limited edition TM6 Noir and I have also been promoted to Team Leader! Even as a Team Leader I am still demonstrating the Thermomix, as well as leading a vibrant and very successful London team of Advisors, because introducing new people to the Thermomix is what I love and what has brought me where I am in the first place.