Why invest in a Thermomix®?

At the present time and age when life feels ever so often manic and overwhelming, when grocery prices and the cost of going out for a meal are at an all time high, the main concerns on everyone’s mind are time (or lack of it) and how to save on our weekly budget and shopping. Therefore, the purchase of a Thermomix (or even considering it) may be met by some with skepticism. Having been an Advisor since 2016 and a Thermomix user since 2003, I find it fascinating and rewarding witnessing skeptics turn into the most passionate Thermomix users and fans. The latest one being a lady who reluctantly attended  one of my demonstrations organised by her friend and literally walked in the room almost refusing to even look at TM6. She explained that she didn’t need it in her kitchen already full with several appliances. Now, she is one of the most passionate Thermomix users and she sends me messages and pictures every time she spots a TM6 on a cooking show.

When customers say “I wish I had bought this a long time ago” or “why didn’t I know about it” is because they can see and appreciate the benefits and the advantages of having a Thermomix in their kitchen. So why is the Thermomix an investment that pays off in the (not so) long term?


  • Huge savings: The Thermomix is an investment that pays for itself because it delivers huge savings in time, money and energy. Making your own staple food, such as bread, butter, nut milk, yoghurt, nut butter, stock paste, dips, jams, sauces and condiments can save households  thousands of pounds a year.  With the average cost of a medium pizza being £15, a Saturday night take away, turns into a very expensive dinner for anyone (not just for a family of four). The latter could easily end up with a bill of at least £45 (that’s £195 in a month and £2,340 in a year) and left wondering what happened to that night in, purposely planned to help save money towards a yearly family holiday or a deposit for a new house. On the other hand, a pizza dough can be made in just 2 minutes in the Thermomix, and cost as little as £0.72, with no mess in the kitchen and no effort whatsoever. When it comes to energy savings, cooking a soup in the Thermomix will reduce costs by 40%.
  • No waste: With Thermomix you can reduce your household’s food waste by transforming it into something tasty and nutritious while also caring for the environment. Freeze fruit that is about to expire to make a delicious sorbet, use those vegetables lingering unused in the fridge to make a very handy vegetable stock paste and you will never buy stock cubes ever again, make almond milk in the Thermomix and use the leftover almond pulp to make some delicious raw chocolate brownies, use banana peels (yes, banana peels), to make the most delicious banana peel cookies. The list is endless, but one can clearly see and appreciate the savings that can easily be achieved.
  • Catering for allergens: Living with food intolerances can unfortunately be expensive, but with a Thermomix anyone can make their own gluten free bread, gluten free pizza dough, dairy free milk, vegan food and so on at a fraction of the price they will have to pay at their local supermarket.
  • Meal planning and smart shopping: Because with Thermomix you can also do your weekly planning and shopping on the Cookidoo app, you can be certain not to buy more than you actually need for the recipes you have planned for the week, hence keep an eye on your weekly spending. What’s more, Cookidoo also enables you to compare how much your shopping basket would be from different supermarkets and choose the most budget friendly. That way you can easily do your own online shopping even more efficiently.
  • Decluttering: Because Thermomix combines over 20 appliances in 1, it enables you to declutter your kitchen of all those appliances bought in the past and perhaps hardly being used, yet still sitting in your kitchen cupboards or on your worktop. I don’t  have a scale in my kitchen, I just use the Thermomix digital scale which weighs in 1g increments. I also no longer have an egg boiler, a steamer, a soup maker, a blender, a mixer, an ice cream maker or a kneading machine; nor will I need to ever buy a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a yoghurt making appliance and so on, because I have all of them in that smart kitchen that is the Thermomix. That way my kitchen counter and cupboards are more tidy, less busy and I have more room for the things I really need.