Happy Birthday TM6!!!

Yesterday, our beloved TM6 celebrated its 5th birthday! It feels like yesterday that we were taking pre-orders for it…Where did time go? Well, in the last five years we have welcomed more customers than ever into the Thermomix family. And that is because we offer a premium product that delivers the best results together with huge savings in terms of time, money and energy.

Today, Advisors across the UK and Ireland held parties at their local branches to celebrate this special occasion. Click here for a taste of yesterday’s party at our North London Branch.

To mark the TM6’s 5th birthday, until Sunday 23rd June, you can enjoy 1/5 off our 5 favourite Thermomix® branded items:

Yoghurt Pots
Ice cream Tub and Scoop
Rockstar Kim
Multipurpose Bowls
Green Spatula