Newcomer Recruitment Package

This February, we offer you the opportunity to earn a FREE Thermomix when you make just 3 sales (usually 4) in 3 months!
Each sale counts as a discount towards your Thermomix, so even if you close just one sale you’ll get 20% discount on a brand new TM6:
💚1 Sale = 20% off
💚2 Sales = 50% off
💚3 Sales = FREE TM6
And if you decide to stay in the business you start earning commission from sale #4!
💚 Sale 4 = £130 commission 
💚 Sale 5 = £260 commission and so on!
The next training dates are: 
  • 7th February
  • 14th February
  • 21st February
  • 28th February
There’s never been a better time to become an Advisor and earn a Thermomix.
Get in touch to find out more and to join my team this February! I promise you won’t regret it.